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Digital Realty is hosting their second hackathon contest at our New York City Data Center! Happening alongside MarketplaceLIVE, this IoT Hackathon is happening in the heart of Digital Realty's Data Center. As the first ever hackathon to happen in a data center, the theme is making the space smart by using environmental elements like temperature, lights, sound and all the other amazing elements you can only find in a data center!

You will be sitting in a very new data centre. You will see  what it looks like today. How might we use IoT devices to reimagine the data centre of the future?

Schedule of Events: 



Doors Open

Spring Studios 50 Varick Street

8:30AM - 9:10AM

Breakfast + Networking

Be sure to meet some new people and hear the kickoff!



At the main stage to hear from our featured keynote speaker: Jonah Peretti! Founder & CEO of BuzzFeed on technology, leadership and design.


Walk to Data Centre

Walk with Alex, the human in the white tiger onesie over to the Data Centre at 32 Avenue of the Americas



Team Formation- if you don’t have a team, join us for some ice breaking fun.


Hardware Lab Opens

check out our hardware lab!



Join us in the lobby for some brain food. Unfortunately no food in the hacking room- gotta keep those servers food-free!


Hacking Continues

Questions: Ask a mentor to help you out!


Submit Your Projects


Judging Begins!

Deadline to submit your Projects


Judging Finishes

Walk back to Spring Studios 50 Varick Street to hear if it is you!  


Top 2 Winners Announced

Demo on stage to the conference!



Do your thing!


Rooftop Afterparty!

Represent NYC Hackers!

Check back often for updates on the schedule!

Hackathon Sponsors


$750 in prizes

Marketplace LIVE First Prize!

Best overall hack per judging criteria!

Accuweather: Best Use of API

Using the Accuweather API? Opt here to win!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Participants: Individuals (join a team when you come!); Teams (up to 4 people per team!);



WearHacks and Digital Realty is providing you with the hardware lab consisting of gesture sense, IoT, VR kits, microcontrollers, wearable tech and we want you to reimagine the  data centre of the future!

Wearable and IoT Devices are outfitted with endless sensors. These sensors create a wide array of possibilities for how we interact with the world around us.

Questions to get you going:

  • What new ways can we perceive and interact with data centre’s produced data (temperature, lights, sounds, humidity)?
  • How might we improve the end user experience (Digital Realty’s relationship with clients)?
  • How can we apply ideas from different industries to the data centre industry?

How to enter


Click to Sign Up Here


Stephen Holmes

Stephen Holmes
Digital Realty

Alexandra Lutchman

Alexandra Lutchman
WearHacks + Rhodium

Silas Warren

Silas Warren

Anjali Chandrashekar

Anjali Chandrashekar

 Tom Stork

Tom Stork

Philip Wehunt

Philip Wehunt
Digital Realty

Judging Criteria

  • Innovativeness/Creativity
    Is it something new? Have you never seen an idea like this before? Does it strike you as being original? Does the project demonstrate progressiveness and imagination? Is the new idea meaningful?
  • Complexity
    Is the project composed of many different parts? Does the project demonstrate a lot of thought? Did the participants learn and explore significantly to complete the project? Were multiple devices/APIs meaningfully used as part of the project?
  • Usability/Quality
    Is this project something you or someone you know would want to use? Is the project usable for many (different) people? Is the project easy to use? Does the project provide a more qualitative experience?
  • Impact
    Is this something the participants are interested in pursuing further? Does the project consider a broader world view? Could the project have positive impact on the environment, business, etc.?
  • Diversity/Inclusivity
    Does the project consider marginalized groups? Does the project consider different body types? Would the project help increase access for individuals who sometimes are unable to access needed or desired resources?
  • Project Specific
    Environment As An Experience (IoT) Does it fit well with the environment it was designed in? How well versatile this idea is? Can it be used in more than just one environment for usability? e.g. business office, living room, parks, etc.
  • Design
    How aesthetically pleasing is the project? Did thought go into project design? Does the project combine quality design with quantitative complexity? Does the design contribute to user experience?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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